2019 Events

Ice Cream Social

This year we welcomed all students with some ice cream and games! We met on the Grove after the first week of classes to celebrate being first gens at UM!

Graduate Student Mixers

There are many grad student first gens on campus! We hosted two events and invited them and first gen faculty to Dominick’s and Rappourt for some free appetizers and great discussions!

Research Experience

Dr. Sara Rampazzi, Research Investigator in CSE and First Gen Engin mentor, created the first Prospective Research Student Information and Q&A Session for the First Generation Engineering Program.

The goal of the lesson was introducing First Gen Engin undergraduate students to research, what it means to do research in a laboratory, how to search a job in research, and how to be prepared for an interview.

“Joining a research lab is incredibly helpful for building new skills and learn cutting-edge technologies, however most of the students don’t know how to do it and what it means working in research“ says Rampazzi. “As a First Generation myself, I encountered some difficulties in the beginning, so I’m trying to give the students all the information necessary, as well as the confidence that they can succeed in a research environment.”

Rampazzi’s lesson is part of a series of events focused on helping First Gen Engineer Students to be actively involved in research, and building their resume for their future career.

Apple Orchard

One of our social events this Fall was an Apple Orchard event! We traveled to the Plymouth Orchard during Fall Break and enjoyed a hay ride, walks in the orchard, and cider & donuts!


1st Gen Engin wants U of M to be a home away from home so we cooked up a dinner for those that stayed in town over the holiday!

Movie Night

In collaboration with METS and the Peer Mentor Program, 1st gens were able to enjoy a free movie and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings