The purpose of 1st Gen Engin is to both establish and foster a community amongst the first generation students in the College of Engineering by providing resources, workshops, and events to the students. We aim to make the first generation identity more visible among the engineering community and provide support for the unique challenges that they may face in the engineering discipline.

Meet our Student Advisory Board!

Matthew Weerakoon, President

Major: Mechanical Engineering, 2024

Minor: Philosophy

Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI

Why did you join 1st Gen Engin? I joined 1st Gen Engin because I wanted to be a part of cultivating a community of pioneers, and support my fellow first generation students in their higher education journey!

Amy Chen, Vice President

Major: Chemical Engineering, 2025

Hometown: Newburgh, IN

Why did you join 1st Gen Engin?: With University of Michigan being such a large school, I joined 1st Gen because I wanted a close-knit community on campus and bond with people who had similar experience as me!

Samantha Siew, Social and Marketing Director

Major: Chemical Engineering, 2025

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Why did you join 1st Gen Engin? 1st Gen gave me a community where I was able to connect to other students of a similar identity and made me proud of the accomplishments I’ve achieved by getting into college! It’s an amazing resource where I’ve been able to interact with professors, engage in fun social events, and learn about academic resources at UofM. I’ve been able to gain a lot of experienced and meet many cool people through 1st Gen Engin and First Generation Engineers!

Yuliana Garcia, Matriculation and Academic Director

Major: Mechanical Engineering, 2025  

Minor: Computer Science

Hometown: Arlington, TX  

Why did you join 1st Gen Engin?:          

Liyufei Meng, Mentorship/Alumni Outreach

Major: Computer Science, 2025  

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Why did you join 1st Gen Engin?:

Program Advisor

Sandra Krupa, EAC Academic Advisor & 1st Gen Engin Program Advisor

Hometown: Flint, MI

Major: Secondary Education

Master: Higher Education and Student Affairs  

Why do you love advising 1st Gen Engin?: I’m a first gen college student myself. I love meeting new first gen students and finding common ground. As an advisor in this role, I’m passionate about helping students navigate higher ed and finding a sense of belonging.